Your employees are the first line of defense against the scary perils of the internet and overwhelming technology out there, so why not arm them with the knowledge to be more productive and more effectively do their job? An educated and informed staff will only benefit your organization, and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.
Whether the training covers basic Windows or Office usage, advanced email strategies, or basic troubleshooting, we can train your staff to handle many of the situations that arise daily in a business environment. Our classes can handle as many as fifty people at once in a seminar setting or can be presented in a more relaxed one-on-one session. We're happy to tailor the training to whatever you organization needs.

Basic Windows Familiarity
What's a Desktop? (Screensavers, Colors, and More)
The Power of the Right Mouse Button
How to Explore, Maximize, and Minimize
Multitasking! Using Your Time Wisely
Basic Network Topology and Best Practices
What is the Internet?
How Data Moves
Proper Use of Firewalls
Safe Email and Web Browsing
What is Email?
How to Stay Safe
Why are Forwards Bad?
Emails: Where do they go and how?
Viruses, Exploits, and Security
What are Viruses?
What is Spyware?
Protecting the Computers & Network from Exploits
Diagnosing Virus and Spyware Issues