Below are three of the many service offerings MianoVision presents to our clients. If there is a service you would like rendered, please contact us and we will be more than glad to see what we can do for your home or business!
Contract and Open IT Administration

Our service to small business is done with or without a firm contract, depending on our client's needs. We offer service contracts for Information Technology Management starting at just $300 monthly, or we come to you as-needed with a rate of $60 per hour. We're happy to work around you; not the other way around!
Paperless Office Solutions

MianoVision offers a way to convert all of your existing paper documents and files into a smooth, easy to use, and highly cost-effective digital, computerized solution. If you're tired of spending countless dollars searching for that one elusive file (in the proverbial haystack), the let us help you take advantage of this wonderful system.
Corporate Power-Point Presentations

Among MianoVision's employees, we sport over 35 years of experience using Microsoft Power Point for presentations your clients will remember. Whether you are looking for a small, simple project, or a monster-sized, jaw-dropping show, MianoVision can bring exactly what you need to the table.