The Revolution. MianoVision's rebellion against the hoops, strings, needless contracts, bad IT support, foreign outsourcing, terrible quality products, and more, that have become the industry standard in today's technology fields. We fight against the brainwashing every single day.
It's time to demand more!
Let's start out with a couple of friendly facts for you to chew on. The failure rate for America's favorite four letter (pun intended) computer manufacturer is over 15% for Desktop computers. Get this, for Laptops, it's closer to 20%. Seriously!! Now when we were going to school, 80% was a C. Not even a C+, but a C!

On top of that, almost twenty percent of laptops have failures that are rated as serious. According to another consumer reports survey, the customer satisfaction rating for that same company is 3.9 out of 10.

*Please Note: This data was taken from Consumer Reports Online.

And yet people STILL flock to this place! It's called effective advertising, folks, though we're happy to report that people around the world are beginning to see the truth behind this misleading company. Stock shares are falling, they're losing business from wizened customers, and even Microsoft itself is beginning to pull away from the mega corporation.

So how does the Revolution come into play? Easy. The Revolution is based around the fact that 3.9 is ridiculously unacceptable. It is to us, and it definitely should be to the rest of the world's technology customers, including you.

Here's something else that bothers us. MianoVision sports over ten years of experience in IT support and web design and implementation, and in these years, we have come across many honest and ethical computing and consulting professionals. But unfortunately, we've seen significantly more of the "other" kind. The kind of tech that jokes at the expense of their clients. The consultants that make cracks at the expense of the people that pay them for support. Does that seem right to you? It doesn't to us. We call them "bubbas," and their species is rampant.

And honestly, the ones that look like the guy to the right scare us too.

This is not just our fight; it's everyone's, and as long as MianoVision stands, The Revolution will never die. This is what we pledge:

We will stand with you in an honest and ethical manner.

We will NOT outsource our tech support overseas (Joy! English-speaking technicians!), because you deserve to talk about the issues, not try to translate them to someone half a world away.

We will work diligently to resolve your support issues, because in the end, they're our issues too.

We will never crack jokes at your expense. We WILL do a fair amount of joking around (just look at our website!), but we'll make sure they're jokes we can all share (and they're usually at our own expense).

We will always be consultants you can trust. MianoVision wouldn't exist without its clients, and we will never betray the trust we've earned.

And most of all, we will never, EVER, let a 3.9 out of 10 stand, nor will we allow 20% (or anything higher than or near 20%) failure rates on hardware or software we sell to fly.