This box is built for one purpose, and one purpose alone: Performance. With the swiftest of processors coupled alongside the world's fastest gaming video card solution, this little box is armed and ready to frag. Built on the same technology used in the official gaming computer of the World Cyber Games, the flagship Red Line takes ultra high-end specifications and elevates them to a higher plane. A word of caution: if you get toasted at your next LAN party, don't even
TRY to blame it on your computer!

Hardware Included:
Motherboard nforce 4 motherboard, with hardware firewall and hardware virus protection.
Graphics Card Dual NVIDIA GeForce 7800 PCI-E Video Cards in SLI mode
Random Access
Memory (RAM)
Two Gigabytes High Speed Dual Channel DDR400 RAM
Processor Althon 64 FX-57 Processor
Hard Drive Two 300 Gigabyte High Capacity Hard Drives linked via SATA RAID array.
A/V Outputs Analog and Dolby Digital Optical Outputs
Sound Card Onboard nForce Sound Chip
16X Dual Layer DVD+-RW DVD Recorder
Networking Integrated 1 Gigabit Network Interface and Integrated 802.11 b/g wireless network adapter
Data Migration USB 2.0 and Firewire IEEE 1394 ports
Mouse/Keyboard Logitech DiNovo Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, and Number Pad
Speakers Logitech X Series 5.1 Digital Speakers
Computer Chassis Small Form Factor XPC Chassis
Monitor 20 Inch Wide Screen LCD with 8ms Response Time
Software Included:
Operating System Windows XP Professional (Upgrade to Media Center available)
Anti-Virus Norton Anti-Virus with One (1) Year Free Upgrades
Anti-Spyware Microsoft Anti-Spyware
Business Programs Microsoft Office Professional 2003
Instant Messenger Trillian (supports AIM, MSN, ICQ, Y!, and IRC)
Media Players Latest Versions of Quicktime Video Player and Windows Media Player
DVD Burning/Playback -Unknown-
CD Burning Nero 6 CD Recording Suite
MianoVision Exclusives:
Setup Free In-Home/Office Setup to those in the nearby Columbia areas
Support 30 Days Free Onsite Support and Free One Year Phone Support
Warranty Free One Year Hardware Warranty
Extra One Free Popular Video Game of Your Choice!