Don't judge this little book by its cover. This 8-Inch Monster is more feature-packed than most full size desktops four times its size. Not only does this machine boast a gigabyte of high speed RAM, it showcases Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition. Record your favorite TV shows and watch them later while you work, or see them on your big screen, simply by hooking up to your TV. The Green Line Box brings your work and play together in one package, and lets you take both to the extreme in pure style.

Hardware Included:
Motherboard nforce 2 Motherboard
Graphics Card Onboard nVidia Graphics Chip
Random Access
Memory (RAM)
1 Gigabyte High Speed DDR400 RAM
Processor AMD Sempron 3000 CPU
Hard Drive 250 Gigabyte High Capacity Hard Drive
A/V Outputs Analog and Dolby Digital Optical Outputs
Sound Card Onboard nForce Sound Chip
16X Dual Layer DVD+-RW DVD Recorder
Networking Integrated 100 megabit Network Interface
TV Tuner nVidia TV and FM Radio Recording Hardware
Data Migration USB 2.0 and Firewire IEEE 1394 ports
Mouse/Keyboard Wireless Optical Mouse and Microsoft Remote Keyboard for Windows Media Center Edition
Speakers Logitech X Series 3 Piece Speaker set.
Computer Chassis Small Form-Factor Shuttle Case
Media Center Extras Microsoft Media Center Remote Control
Software Included:
Operating System WIndows Media Center Edition with TV and FM Radio Recording
Anti-Virus Norton Anti-Virus with One Year of Free Updates
Anti-Spyware Microsoft Anti-Spyware
Business Programs Microsoft Works Suite 2005
(including Microsoft Word)
Instant Messenger Trillian (supports AIM, MSN, ICQ, Y!, and IRC)
Media Players Latest Versions of Quicktime Video Player and Windows Media Player
DVD Burning/Playback -Unknown-
CD Burning Nero 6 CD Recording Suite
MianoVision Exclusives:
Setup Free In-Home/Office Setup to those in the nearby Columbia areas
Support 30 Days Free Onsite Support and Free One Year Phone Support
Warranty Free One Year Hardware Warranty
With 17" LCD Flat Panel Display $1783
With 19" LCD Flat Panel Display $1955
Other Pricing Please call for pricing without a monitor or if you would like more information.