This Online Privacy and Security Statement ("Statement") explains what information we collect, how it is protected and used, and the circumstances under which it may be disclosed. If you have any questions about your privacy and MianoVision, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information to the right of this paragraph.

Please be aware that this privacy statement only applies to Mianovision LLC and its employees. MianoVision can not be responsible for any affiliated entities. MianoVision is, however, sensitive to the privacy needs of all of our clients and potential clients, and does not intentionally align ourselves with organizations suspected to abuse privacy rights.

Any information MianoVision collects from clients or potential clients is only used internally. The company does not share email addresses, except in the regular course of business and is called for (for example, MianoVision may share an email address with its support technicians employees, or technicians within an affiliated organization, in an effort to resolve technical issues the client may be experiencing). In all exceptions, the client or potential client is notified first before their information is shared.

As part of of the "Eye on the Community" or during the course of other regular business, some customers may provide MianoVision with data storage devices. MianoVision does not disclose the private contents of these devices, except where required by law. However, this company may disclose to its client information of a private and sensitive nature in order to inform them of potential ethical or legal ramifications.

MianoVision keeps records on current and past clients, and though the company will occasionally send information to clientele to inform them of specials, promotions, and other benefits, MianoVision does not do this often.

Any financial, legal, or HIPAA sensitive information is treated with the utmost seriousness and sensitivity.

MianoVision does not, under any circumstances, share financial information such as credit cards on file, HIPAA information, or other proprietary client information, unless required by law. MianoVision does not rent or sell any email lists, either formally or informally.

MianoVision employs a number of safeguards to insure disclosed informational data is safe, including encryption, offline storage, and isolated data management. Should disclosed information be compromised by another company, MianoVision will notify the owners immediately and work to avoid misuse by the offenders.

MianoVision does not actively sell products or services to individuals under the age of 18. MianoVision occasionally services computers where minors are the primary users. If the company locates inappropriate content, MianoVision is ethically bound to notify the legal guardian(s) to allow them to take appropriate actions.

MianoVision will periodically correct or modify this privacy policy to better serve the company's client base. Any changes to our privacy policy will be reflected here, dated accordingly, and is subject to change without notice.

This policy was last updated January 20th, 2006.