How does MianoVision come into play?
Server & Network Administration
Firewall & Security Implementation
Hardware Maintenance & Repair
Non-Profit Licensing Consulting
Server Room Management
The Columbia Branch of the Better Business Bureau was facing a number of tricky support challenges. With no incumbent IT staff in place, the BBB called upon MianoVision to analyze and make recommendations based on our many years of experience. We outlined a multi-faceted plan to clean up and optimize their current operations that focused on updating broken or out-of-date hardware. We have also taken an active role in virus supression and license management.

Additionally, we took great pains to clean up the branch's server room and removed almost FIFTEEN POUNDS of unused or unnecessary power cables, LAN cables, and broken or outdated peripherals. Now, with everything labeled and all the cables wrapped and tied down, the room looks brand new. That's a LOT of velcro!!

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