How'd it all start? Well, in a little known corner of the world called South Carolina, a young media arts major decided to get a job at a local tech support firm that provided Internet support to small independent ISPs nationwide. Elsewhere on planet Earth (but not terribly far away) a number of young professionals were all working toward the conclusion that there had to be a better way. A better way to design content for the web, a better way to help customers, a better way to solve I.T. related problems, a better way to connect people with solutions. It had to be out there, and they wanted to be a part of it.
The young man began as a first line technician, rose to the rank of second level support, and was quickly promoted again to Special Project Manager. Third in command of the company, he quickly learned the strengths and weaknesses of phone based tech support. From there, he began responding in person to local calls for help, and his reputation began to spread. As he became the default contact for support issues, his clients relied on him for effective support and advice.

A musician in search of a cause; an ex-programmer turned retail sales specialist; a college intern, bright eyes and bushy tailed; and a host of companies in need of assistance. Add to the mix a passion for communication, a ton of passion, and talents ranging from music and voice-over engineering to system repair, to security and networking. It was as if fate and chance conspired like in some trippy seventy's ballad. Stephen continued to build his special sort of brand, combining a genuine concern for his clients with his special brand of quirky humor. And then one day they all met... (Actually it happened over a course of months, but don't ruin the story!)

It was there, in Columbia, that they finally met (and what a meeting it was). They decided to combine their talents to form a highly versatile organization, and he turned his sole-proprietorship, named MianoVision (his last name combined with his "vision" of a perfect technological future), into a true LLC. Very soon after, this league of extraordinary gentlemen (and women) launched.

Position: President and Founder

Talents: Network Management, System Building, Multi-Tasking
Biography: Having installed networks from South Carolina to Boston, managed an entire municipality's network and computer infrastructure outside of Columbia, and provided Internet and computer consulting to numerous local businesses over the years, Stephen is well-seasoned and grounded in the ins-and-outs of technology consulting.
Ben Ben
Position: Retail Specialist

Talents: Cafe Management, On-Site Specialist, Hardware Support
Biography: Ben brings something special to MianoVision. With over 15 years of retail experience, he is especially suited to help develop and support the new MianoVision line of Computers and peripherals. Add to that a distinct knack for hardware support, and an eclectic collection of troubleshooting strategies, and it's easy to see why Ben is such a valued addition to the MianoVision team.
Position: In-Store Technician

Talents: Linux Solutions, Retail Management, Hardware Support, Radio Host
Biography: Chris has been with MianoVision since That Computer Store opened, and he's been an invaluable asset. His experience with various operating system environments, coupled with his creativity helps Chris forge unique and innovative solutions to issues that many other vendors would fail to consider. He is also at home on the air as a host of That Computer Show, a weekly local technology callin show. Chris is also well known for his strong views on technology and computing, adding a bit of controversial spice to MianoVision corporate meetings.